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Ex-soldier found guilty of Murder

A former soldier has been found guilty of murdering a dog walker who suffered 45 knife wounds. Alexander Palmer, 24, was accused of attacking Peter Wrighton, with a knife in woodland near East Harling, Norfolk, last August. At Nottingham Crown Court, the former soldier had admitted being in the area but denied murdering Mr Wrighton in East Harling, Norfolk, last summer.

British troops to be vaccinated against anthrax poisoning

Thousands of soldiers who are held at high readiness will be vaccinated against anthrax, the Defence Secretary will announce. The announcement is part of a range of measures that will be announced by the Defence Secretary on Thursday, including £48m that will be invested to create a "cutting-edge" Chemical Weapons Defence Centre at Porton Down in Wiltshire.

Inquest Into Alleged Abuse Of Teenage Army Recruits Collapses

One of the largest inquiries into the alleged abuse of teenage army recruits in Britain has collapsed after a "seriously flawed" investigation by the Royal Military Police. The judge halted the first of three court-martials at Bulford, amid problems of missing evidence and claims that witnesses were forced to make statements.

Sandhurst cadets investigated by military police after 'waterboarding'

Military police are investigating bullying at Sandhurst after two recruits allegedly subjected another trainee officer to waterboarding. The Sandhurst cadets are said to have held down an individual, covered his face with a cloth and poured water over it, creating the sensation of drowning, according to a report in The Sun.