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Homeless Veterans "Slipping Through The Net"

Research released today has highlighted how some vulnerable former servicemen and women slip through the net and end up homeless after leaving the Armed Forces. The veterans who took part in the study said they experienced a varied quality of advice on transitioning from Service and inconsistent support from Local Housing Authorities. The research was commissioned by veterans’ housing charity Stoll and social housing provider Riverside, conducted by the University of York and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust.

Evidence suggests that well over a thousand ex-service personnel each year in England require urgent support to find accommodation.

Many more experience crises in their lives, requiring urgent intervention to prevent homelessness and wider social issues.

Josh Crooks ended up living in a caravan after his medical discharge from the Army in 2017 following six years’ service.

“I really had a lot to sort out on being discharged from the Army and when a potential flatmate let me down I found myself in dire straits, with no sight of somewhere permanent to live.”

Veterans' charity Stoll has also made calls to tackle homelessness amongst ex-service personnel.

It wants local authorities to regularly check if someone seeking housing support is a veteran.

Stoll's concerned those who are most vulnerable, often with complex physical and mental health needs, are not being properly cared for. Ed Tytherleigh, Chief Executive of Stoll said:

“We believe that we can reduce the incidence of homelessness among veterans close to zero, but this will only happen with a significant shift in approach to the issue of housing ex-service personnel.

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