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Breakfast Clubs are completely FREE…. And will always remain free!

There are no fees or subs and NOT here to make money for any organisation/business.

It all started at a Garage, when three friends used to meet on a Saturday morning, they used to get together and have a morning butty and banter.

Then one day a Sapper brought a BV206 military tracked vehicle in for some work doing to it, as he was looking for someone who knew about military vehicles. Once the vehicle was there it generated interest in mates getting together, lads from an old army unit whilst looking at the tracked vehicle.

Then after that, it started by word of mouth, first to someone in Newcastle who was visiting Hull, then it grew from there.

Since the start of the first Butty & Banter Club it has grown to worldwide, with clubs in multiple countries.

How comes it has split?
It split after there was financial irregularities with the CIC Company (Company Number 10251007), when it was pointed out to the Director that Beers were been sold at clubs and the money was unaccounted for (at the time nearly £600), he did not deal with the issue or mention it to the person in question, in his words "I didn't mention it...., I don't want to yet.."

It was at this point that Dave Williamson asked for advice from the Treasurer of the Breakfast Club and joint decision were made by David Williamson and others (5 in total) at the Breakfast Club not to be involved with a company which was not open and transparent and a Director who was not interested in protecting Veterans Funds.

Veterans Breakfast Clubs CIC (Company Number 11161286) currently own the Logo (which was signed over in front of witnesses), Domain Names (.com, and .org) and the Twitter account.

Since the 3rd March 2018 (when the paperwork was signed) the Logo belongs to Veterans Breakfast Clubs CIC (Company Number 11161286, Trading Name - Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club).

After the lies and false allegations that have been and continue to be spread by the Director and his partner (to cover what the truth is) and after a police investigation they have both had a solicitor’s letter and a visit from the police in attempt to stop them spreading these false allegations.

The Police investigation was closed on the 22nd August 2018 after a decision was made on the 13th August that there had been no crime committed by Dave Williamson. During giving evidence it was pointed out to the Police that the Company Director in question had put a "NIL return into companies house" stating "he was not trading" and the "National Organiser had been given £800" without any receipts or paperwork to state were or what the money was used for.
(The £800 was split down and £200 came from a Breakfast Club Bank Account and £600 came from the CIC Bank Account which none of the Directors had access to or knew the person who did)

These were Veterans Funds which were been used to pay someone and every penny should be accounted for. That is why we believe it should be run BY VETERANS FOR VETERANS and not for the financial gain or for any other gain by those running it.

If you would like a copy of the email which states that no further action is going to be taken against Dave Williamson, then send an email to